Doha & Qatar

Who We Are

Afaq AlSareea is a principle-driven company revolving around our vision, values, and mission as our core. We ensure full compliance with all National and International shipping regulations and standards while proactively planning a quick response to any challenges posed to our clients or their businesses. Our primary goal is optimal client satisfaction, and this fuels our aim to establish strategic alliances globally to ensure superior quality services, enhanced freight networks, and ideal growth for us and our customers.

Our Mission

To be recognized as an Industry Leader in the field of International Freight Forwarding, particularly in MENA Region; through providing scalable solutions, customizable quality services, and operational accuracy consistently.

Our Vision

To develop long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders by proactively fulfilling their freight forwarding & logistic effectively, efficiently, and safely, thus contributing to our customers' accomplishments.

Our Values

Creating an innovative ecosystem of trust, integrity, teamwork, and reliance built on ethical practices and good governance.



Afaq AlSareea is a pioneering service provider offering adaptable Logistic plans to meet the evolving and unique needs of each client. Our ground-breaking solutions are precise, cost-effective, and tailor-made which not only fulfill your exact specifications but eliminates unnecessary stress from the whole freight-forwarding process.

With the latest technologies, fully integrated services, and smart plan execution, we consistently get proven, cohesive, and fail-proof results each time you entrust us with your goods.