Doha & Qatar

Air Freight Forwarding

Our Air Freight Services promises the fastest, most secure, and time-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. We ensure safe transit for long-distance or time-sensitive freight forwarding to our customers after careful evaluation of their requirements, hence you not only adapt to shifting market trends quickly with our services but also avoid unwanted bumps competitively.

We offer the following air freight services:

Next Flight Out/ Express Service

A first-class and Fastest air freight option ensuring that your goods get shipped on top priority as soon as the next flight takes off. This service is costly but races against time, for swifter and safer delivery.

Consolidation or Deferred

With our Consolidation or Deferred Cargo Services, you get more adaptable solutions to deliver several packages or goods in one go, swiftly with more flexible budget options.

Charter Services

We sculpt our services to your needs, be it a single charter service, multiple flights, or a comprehensive longer-term charter air freight solution, our Afaq AlSareea provides holistic solutions to overcome capacity issues, oversized cargo, or heavy cargo-related issues.

However, it is important to understand that the Airfreight shipments have cargo restrictions concerning items that are hazardous to public health or safety, or include strong magnets, gases, chemicals, explosives, radioactive, infectious, toxic, or flammable products.

Afaq AlSareea Provides Services Across Diversified Industries

Afaq AlSareea is your reliable partner in all supply chain management and services. Our matchless experience and astute expertise provide wide-ranging, dynamic, and custom services from managing your material sourcing to last-mile delivery regardless of which industry you are from. We have proudly catered across industries with business-specific services, cost optimization, and freight management successfully.

Let our profoundly competent experts manage your Freight and Logistics needs pristinely without any time delays, safety issues, or aggravation.

Textile & Fashion

Afaq AlSareea offers flexible and innovative freight and logistics solutions to our Textile and Fashion giants, to accommodate and fulfill the everchanging requirements of this industry. We utilize strategic supply chain management to provide flawless delivery of freight for small to luxury brands for storage, labeling, packaging, returns, cross-docking, shipping to store, warehouses, or consumers directly.

Hazardous & Dangerous Materials

Our services include customized solutions to cater to Hazardous and Dangerous Materials packing, handling, and shipping along with special permits, SFDA documentation, and customs clearance. Our Experts devise precise plans which can be modified as per your requirement to deliver an array of such products ranging from chemicals, paints, perfumes, flammables, cosmetics, etc.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Afaq AlSareea provides the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry with synchronized in-depth plans, special handling, time management, reefers storage, and tracking services to deliver valuable products under guaranteed safe and secure conditions. We strictly adhere to all Industry regulations and safety measures with real-time temperature monitoring and tracking for your satisfaction.

Automotive, Construction & Industrial Sectors

Our International Alliances with Trusted Air and Shipping lines enables us to provide wide-ranging facilities including 3PL solutions, Integrated Multi-Modal services, Courier, Express Delivery, Distribution and Storage solutions for meeting your complex Automotive, Construction and Industrial Sector needs.

Retail Business

Afaq AlSareea Retail Logistic services provide comprehensive and proven solutions to strengthen your supply chain management for such a hyper-competitive and multi-channel industry. Our core interest is to augment your market position, overcome retail challenges and satisfy your customers for your successful retail business.


We have full-spectrum E-Commerce integrated solutions which cover everything from First to the Last Mile delivery. We provide complete supply chain services from receiving your packages to storage, pick-up, preparation, consolidation, and packaging for shipping till it reaches its destination.