Doha & Qatar

Last Mile Delivery and Fulfilment

Afaq AlSareea has developed a holistic supply chain model for Last-mile delivery and fulfillment to facilitate mounting parcel volume, accelerate deliveries, and satisfy customers. We are committed to supporting you in meeting all your delivery agreements right on time effortlessly with our innovative routing and last-mile delivery solutions. We Plan, systematize, execute, and monitor your deliveries to perfection.

Our Last-Mile Delivery and Fulfilment:

Serves to Your Unique Business Needs

Afaq AlSareea houses diversified experience to offer remarkable services to complex e-commerce platforms, a 3PL supplier, or a hyper-delivery business, we effortlessly adapt to the unique requirements of your business and offer highly scalable last-mile logistics solutions.

Last-Mile Route Planning

We integrate your day-to-day delivery schedules, map addresses, and routes diligently, so the real-world constraints such as traffic, weather, delivery time slots and much more are well planned ahead of time.

Optimal Multi-Modal Deliveries

We utilize multi-channel freight and logistic services to cater to your special requirements.

Last-mile Delivery Tracking and Fulfilment

We are never done before the freight is fulfilled, we let you easily track, trace, and monitor your last-mile deliveries in real-time with proof of delivery for greater customer experience.